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Able2Go Disabled Travel Consultancy

Have you ever?

had to research a hotel for how accessible it is only to find out that as much as you like it, its inaccessible

spent hours trying to find out if  the hotel pool has a hoist, so that you can enjoy a dip on those warm sunny days too

been fobbed off and told a hotel is accessible when in reality it just has a accessible room 

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Able2Go can help you!

Able2Go Disabled Travel Consultancy is a dedicated team who do the hard work so that you don’t have to here is a list of bonuses you can expect to receive by using Able2Go Travel Consultants.

1. Research the resorts for how accessible they are

2. Research the individual hotels for accessibility so that we only send you through hotels we know you can fully access

3. Make sure there are height adjustable beds (where needed)

4. Make sure there is a pool hoist available in at least one pool (where needed)

5. Provide a list of accessible excursions available on resort 

6. Request any specialist dietary requirements (flight/hotel/cruise ship)

7. Make sure there are wheelchair accessible taxis available in the resort

8. Offer unbiased quotes – meaning if another supplier is cheaper then Able2Go we will show you there price

9. No obligation to purchase holidays from Able2Go (although we hope that you will)

10. Uncapped amount of changes per each individual consultation 

11. Consultancy fee free if booking made with Able2Go (£110 refund after booking confirmation).

Able2Go Disable Travel Consultancy offers you all this and plenty more for the minimal fee of

£110 per consultancy.